Caterix Freya

Aka: Freya
Age: 2
Official Colouring: Silver Tortie Classic Tabby and White
Bred From: Kititas What Katydidnext and Champion Coonyham Durangor
Current Award: None
History of Awards:

C.A.C. 2004
EX 2 2004
EX 3 2004

How we see Freya: Freya is a lovely cat who has the same temperament as Minnie and we decided that we would like to keep her to breed from. She went off to stud at the end of 2004, however she did not become pregnant and although she has returned to stud on several occasions during 05 and 06 it has not been successful. Consequently we have now had Freya neutered and she is happy to play with each new litter of kittens when they are older and arrive downstairs.

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