Caterix Frodo

Aka: Frodo
Age: 2
Official Colouring: Brown Classic Tabby
Bred From: Caterix Millymollymandy and Willowplace Beachboy
Current Award: None
History of Awards:

C.A.P. 2004
Ex 1 2004
Ex 1 (Nom) 2004

How we see Frodo: Frodo has settled into our cat family very well as our first boy. He is always getting up to mischief with his partner in crime Freya, but always manages to look so very angelic, especially when he is asleep. Frodo enjoys it when we make a fuss of him and purrs contentedly, he is a loveable, gentle giant. We are pleased that he has won a certificate at each of his first three shows, but we will not be showing him again as he doesn't enjoy the experience very much.

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