Kititas What Katydidnext

Aka: Katy
Age: 7
Official Colouring: Silver Tortie Classic Tabby and White
Bred From: Allagash Indian Summer and Coonalley's Steely Dan
Current Award: None
History of Awards:


How we see Katy: Katy is the 2nd Maine Coon that come to join our household and she gave us our 1st litter of beautiful Maine Coon kittens in March 2000. She is a very quirky cat and was always up to mischief as a kitten and she still reverts back to being extemely playful between litters. Katy at the age of 7 and having produced 7 lovely litters will now be able to enjoy a well earned rest, as we have decided it is time for her to retire her from breeding and she has been spayed.

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