Caterix Minnie Theminx

Aka: Minnie
Age: 6
Official Colouring: Silver Tortie Classic Tabby and White
Bred From: Kititas What Katydidnext and Grand Champion Coonyham Wrangler
Current Award: International Premier
History of Awards:

Achieved the Title International Premier 2004
C.A.P.I.B 2004 (BIV)
C.A.P.I.B 2003
C.A.P.I.B (Nom) 2003
C.A.P.I.B 2002
C.A.P.I.B 2002
Maine Coon Guild Opposite Sex Neuter 2003
Maine Coon Guild Opposite Sex Neuter 2002
Achieved the Title Premier 2002
C.A.P. (Nom) 2002
C.A.P. (Nom) 2002
C.A.P. 2001

How we see Minnie: Minnie is a very flirtatious warm and loving cat who is always willing to give a helping hand with the raising of kittens. It's a shame that she has been neutered really as she would have made an excellent mother. Minnie does not enjoy travelling, therefore we will not be showing her anymore and she is now enjoying a well earned retirement.

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