During her time as a queen, Milly Molly Mandy has had 8 litters of kittens. This section of the Caterix Stats will look at the probabilities of each colour appearing.

Overall Stats

So, we can see that in the overall scheme of things, Milly Molly Mandy has more brown kittens than anything else, and the remaining colours are fairly evenly distributed.

Brown Brown/White Silver Silver/White Blue Silver Blue Silver/White
14 9 4 6 1 1
40% 26% 11% 17% 3% 3%

When looking at the coat types, we can see that Milly Molly Mandy mainly produces cats with Classic style coats, but Mackerel and Spotted coats are also possible.

Overall Stats

Mackerel Classic Spotted
9 25 1
26% 71% 3%

Former Queens

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